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Has your elevator gotten old? As years leap ahead, they leave their traces in the aesthetics of your elevator: antiquated designs, dull aspect, obsolete and scratched control panels… But it also concerns the functionality and safety of your installation: worn-out mechanical components, obsolete electrical installation, high energy consumption, lack of compliance with current legislation…

Through a suitable upgrade, your elevator will return to the same levels of reliability and safety of a new elevator, besides a renewed and modern aesthetic.

At Enor, we provide this upgrading customized, in a modular or integral way. You can choose between renewing the equipment completely or in a more progressive way, depending on the needs of the installation and adapting the necessary investment to your availabilities.

Our upgrading kits are the answer to the new normative requirements and incorporate the latest technologies. In this way, we manage to improve the safety, the reliability, the comfort, the aesthetics and the performance of your installation.

As always, our professionals will advise you in the best way of carrying out the pertinent upgrades with the minimal inconveniences and in the most brief time span. Consult your nearest Enor local office.


Máquina convencional y Máquina Enor MOD

The decision to upgrade an elevator must answer, more than to mere aesthetical criteria, to technical reasons that only qualified personnel can asses for every particular case and that imply principles as important as the safety of the facility. Next, we show some items that can be born in mind as orientation to choose for the improvement of a certain equipment, which must be trusted to expert personnel as that of Enor.

For the maximum safety

To improve reliability

For an increased comfort and actual aesthetics

Remember that Enor offers customized solutions for each of the cases mentioned, and for many more. Our products and services comply all the legal regulations and add total safety, besides the superior degree of comfort that marks the difference.

For any possible upgrade, consult our technical sales representatives at Enor closest office. They can help in suggesting the most suitable solution and will put at your reach all the technical and human means to make it real.


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